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Our 10 Step Process

1. It all begins with a Creative Brief where we establish your needs, objectives, brand values and budget.

2. Next phase is Concept Developement. Here we typically meet in person or over the phone to brainstorm ideas.

3. With a clear idea of the scope of the project, we craft an in depth Proposal. Depending on the project this may include a rough script or creative outline. 

4. Pre-production. Here we define and secure the cast, locations, props, story boards, scripts and crew etc.

5. The Shoot. This is the big day where we capture the all the footage necessary for the project. Showtime!

6. The Ruff Edit. This is where the magic happens. All the footage is chopped up and the story takes shape. 

7. Client Review. This is the first of 2 revisions. Client will have 3 days to review and submit feedback on the video

8. The Fine Edit. This is where we make the revisions requested by the client and start the refinement process. 

9. Review Approval. This is the second round of client revisions. The client will have 3 days to provide final feedback on the video. 

10. Finish Delivery. Here we revise and apply finishing touches such as color correction, audio mastering etc. and deliver the final video files to the client. 

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