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Edit My Videos

Do you have gigabytes of video and photos taking up space on your devices? Weddings, birthdays, vacations etc. Wouldn't it be great to finally get those fragmented memories edited and shaped into a watchable video that can be shared with friends and family? Leave it to eyeTrap. You send us the footage and we do the rest. Our team will create a video montage of your images and score it with the song of your choice. Here's 1 example of what can be done with random bits and pieces of video from a fishing trip my wife and I went on 2 years ago.


You deliver 10 minutes (or less) of footage to be edited=$350

10-20 minutes of delivered footage=$500+


As every project is different, we suggest getting in contact with us to start the conversation. We'll send you an order form, instructions on how to get your footage to us and if necessary, book a call with you to talk about your project. 

Case Study 2

I was approached by a band called the Off-roaders. They had hours and hours of random 8mm camcorder tour videos that were just sitting collecting dust for years. We chose one of their songs and I proceeded to chop away and sync the footage. The result? Pure Rock n Roll!


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